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The MaternityTeacher PaternityTeacher Project

Empowering group coaching for colleagues on parental leave

Join The MTPT Project this December for the Spring cohort of their Parental Leave group coaching programme. This highly supportive programme is aimed specifically at colleagues currently on a period of maternity, adoption or shared parental leave.

Across three online sessions, participants explore key personal development themes such as confidence, managing change, identity, and gaining a sense of autonomy and direction, in a small and welcoming group setting.  These are baby-friendly events facilitated by Emma Sheppard, Founder of The MTPT Project, the UK's charity for parent-teachers.



'Funded region' tickets for the Coffee Cohort

Fully-funded for state school colleagues in the East of England thanks to Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Teaching School Hub and Unity Teaching School Hub.

Supportive Return to Work workshops with The MTPT Project

For colleagues returning after a period of maternity, adoption or shared parental leave.

This 90 minute virtual workshop will inform you of your legal entitlements and the best practice you can expect from your school, as well as a powerful space to set boundareis and get your emotional and logistical ducks in a row before you go back.

'Funded Region' tickets are available at Eventbrite:


book your place here!

Fully-funded thanks to Unity TSH, Saffron TSH and Julian TSH