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Mentor Information

How much time will Mentors need to carry out their role?

The statutory guidance states that ‘the mentor is expected to be given adequate time to carry out the role effectively and to meet the needs of the ECT. This includes attending regular mentoring sessions and mentor training where appropriate’ (para 2.42). The mentor will need time to become familiar with the Early Career Framework professional development programme and associated resources, attend training and work with the ECT. Locally, we suggest that the mentor will need at least 1 hour of protected time per week to meet with the ECT in year 1 and one hour per fortnight in year 2.

If your school is enrolled on a provider-led ECF CPD programme, mentors will also need to be released to attend training with the delivery partner (see part 3 of FAQs for an overview of training requirements for schools enrolled with the local Teaching School Hub ECF programme).

Excellent mentoring will be key to the success of the ECF initiative. This programme is centred around developing the mentor relationship and includes a focused learning pathway for mentors.

  • We will work with in-school mentors to learn new mentoring and coaching techniques, enabling them to strengthen essential skills that they can use throughout their careers. 
  • Specialist training and support will ensure each mentor is confident in their knowledge of the Early Career Framework and develops their mentoring skills so that the Early Career Teachers they work with get the very best from the programme.


Guidance from the Department for Education on Mentoring