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ECF Testimonials and Case Studies

From ITT to ECT, a continuous journey - Georgia Whitbread

I feel my ITT at The Cambridge Partnership prepared me well for my Early Career Framework. I also feel the ECF helps to build on what I learned during ITT. A lot of ECT1 felt very much the same as ITT and I felt already competent in these areas, so I sometimes found the content repetitive and not always beneficial. However, although it can feel repetitive, it strengthens your understanding of a variety of topics.
I would recommend The Cambridge Partnership highly. They were always supportive and encouraging and gave me space to grow and develop as a teacher.
I have lived in Cambridgeshire all of my life and wanted to stay. Knowing how good my ITT was, I had confidence in the area for my ECT years to be supportive. For any other ECTs in Cambridgeshire, I would advise them to keep up with the programme, as when done in increments it does not overwhelm you.

Tanya Grisby, Head of Diamond Education and Professional Learning

I applied to be an ECF Facilitator for CPTSHN to gain a more informed and in depth understanding of the programme content to be able to explain the programme to Heads and to support ECTs and their mentors, to support the TSH and to work with other facilitators. 

This role adds to the skills I already have from facilitating training, through new ideas and ways of presenting content that could help me enhance facilitation of other training. I feel that my role as Facilitator has enabled me to be better informed about the content of the ECF. I am more able to answer any questions the ECTs and Mentors may have. I have a good knowledge of each module and understand how the online training works and the expectations for ECTs and mentors. We also provide a venue for our locality (Winhills Primary School) so staff from our trust and the locality have somewhere familiar to come to for the local group sessions. 

All ECTs and mentors within our Trust are taking part in the Full Induction Programme. Mentors now have more professional development than they have had in the past. Additional ECT training sessions designed and facilitated by our Trust complement the ECF ensuring content is not repeated and enables us to focus on the more practical and subject based elements of teaching that are not covered in the ECF programme. We can also refer to what they have learnt in the different modules – making links in learning. 

Linzie Hodgson, St Peter's School, Huntingdon

I initially applied to be a facilitator for CPTSHN to improve my knowledge of the ECF and understand the training my ECTs and mentors would receive from the inside out.  I have a strong desire to support ECTs through these tough early years so thought being part of the facilitation of this CPD would allow me to support ECTs - with a wider reach than just those in my own school.   

Being a facilitator has impacted the support I can offer my school as not only do I have access to the reading and research from EDT, but the local group sessions are a great sharing of knowledge and good practice, and I am lucky enough to draw from the great hive-mind of our amazing ECTs and mentors on a regular basis! 

Our school (like most!) are still developing our model for ECTs, following the ECPDP, learning from the first two years and improving this for the future.  With access to the portal, the reading and the programme laid out in advance, we are able to plan our school CPD to align with the blocks that ECTs will be focusing upon at key points in the year.  We run morning CPD sessions for our Year 1-5 teachers and, moving forward, plan to use the ECPDP as our framework for reflection & discussion as it is all applicable to teachers beyond simply the first couple of years and these key topics are always worth a revisit. 

Opportunities with the Hub : a head teacher's perspective - Mel Shute, Trumpington Park Primary School

Headshot of blonde woman“At Trumpington Park Primary, we currently have two Early Career Teachers (ECTs) in their first year, based in lower KS2, and we have two ECTs who started with us last year based in KS1. Our ECTs have shown excellent progression in their skills and knowledge and have really enhanced the teams in which they have been working. Their enthusiasm and drive to be the best teachers they can be adds greatly to our staff body.

We have several staff working on NPQs and several more about to start which is building the professional development potential for our future and current leaders to expand their skills and knowledge and have a further impact on others across the school. Currently, we have teachers completing the Leading Teaching programme which is having an impact on the quality of mentoring and coaching we can offer staff at all levels, as well as Leading Behaviour and Culture where the staff member is focusing on disadvantaged children and how we can make the difference to their progress.

I have a number of staff members who have facilitated on the ECT and SCITT programmes, leading on a knowledge and pedagogy-based focus and ensuring key messages are embedded and shared with other teachers and trainees. The richness of CPD opportunities for our staff through the links we share with Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Teaching School Hub help us to continue to develop excellence in teaching and learning and leadership capacity. It also aids the ability to develop staff at all levels in areas of expertise and interest, which means staff feel valued and we retain the high-quality people across our Trust. Our children benefit greatly from this across all subject areas and across the whole school.”

Mel Shute, Headteacher, Trumpington Park Primary School