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The Bell Foundation

Early Career Teachers have access to the EAL in The Bell Foundation – EAL JournalECT series.

This is a free, self-access programme aimed at ECTs and their mentors which provides impactful, practical training around supporting learners who use English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Over 20% of learners in England are recorded as using EAL but, with no statutory training around EAL, teachers report feeling ill-prepared to meet the learning needs of this group.

The EAL in ECT series has been designed to meet this need: to develop the skills and confidence of primary and secondary teachers. The eight modules, available on our Moodle platform, are practical and flexible. Directly aligned with the ECF, they focus on the distinct EAL knowledge and approaches relevant to each standard. 

Each module contains: 

  • Two short videos
  • Teacher and mentor materials
  • Optional resources

With two years' access, ECTs can find the guidance and strategies to allow multilingual learners in their classrooms to reach their potential and enjoy all that school has to offer. 

To find out more, please visit their website