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Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants

Resources | Rob WebsterMaximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants (MITA) was developed at UCL to improve TA practice and deployment. It has now been utilised by over 1000 schools, the Research Schools Network and developed with the EEF. We are interested in hearing whether schools in our area have an interest in engaging with the MITA programme. 


The MITA approach is founded on the view that the most effective way to deploy TAs in the classroom is to support the development of pupils' non-academic skills. This theory of change predicts that where schools make improvements to TAs' practice and pupil engagement, a positive knock-on effect will occur for learning in the longer term. Click here to read more about their impact in schools. 

There are multiple options for MITA training, including a strategic course for senior leaders and training for teaching assistants. Additional webinars are also available, which gives schools the opportunity to run the training mid-year as access is available to the webinars as and when they are needed.

If you are interested in this training and would like more information on the programmes, please complete this form. If you have any observations or specific questions regarding the training, please indicate so in the comments box and we will get in touch.