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Maths Hub - Cambridge

Cambridge Maths Hub is one of a network of 40 Maths Hubs in England, each led by a local school or college. 


Most schools in Cambridgeshire are now working with the Maths Hub (approx 95%) and it is a privilege to work together to improve maths outcomes for pupils. The Maths Hub's model for professional development is around a Work Group in which teachers learn together, sharing good practice, led by a member of their team. Where possible, teachers are encouraged to visit other schools and see the teaching and learning of maths in a different environment.

There are a range of Professional Development opportunities available from Early Years to A Level, including for ECTs from primary and secondary schools. There is also a subject knowledge Work Group for secondary non-specialists teaching some maths. It has started but teachers/TAs are welcome to join session 2. It is all DfE funded and therefore free to schools.

For more information, please visit the website here.

EYFS & Primary Programmes

Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics - Early Years Teachers

This programme is designed to improve the subject knowledge and pedagogical knowledge for all practitioners teaching and supporting the learning of early maths.

The SKTM Early Years pathway we are offering is: Pattern, Shape, Space and Measures. This pathway consists of the equivalent of four days, spread out over a minimum of two terms. Professional learning and practice development continue throughout, with participants introducing new ideas into their daily practice.

Who can take part?
This project is for Early Year teachers who would like to develop their specialist knowledge for teaching maths to Reception pupils. It may be particularly relevant for teachers that have moved phases or have not received maths-specific training.


  • Your pupils will demonstrate a positive attitude towards maths, being willing to have a go, persevere, and share their mathematical ideas
  • You will explore and increase your use of a range of pedagogic approaches that will support pupils in engaging with and developing their maths.
  • You will understand how maths opportunities can be developed across all areas and in everyday routines.

The programme is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme, so is free to participating schools/institutions.

Wednesday 7th February 2024
Wednesday 20th March 2024
Wednesday 8th May 2024
Wednesday 12th June 2024

Venue : Ely College
For more information and to complete an expression of interest, please visit here.

Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics - Primary Early Career Teachers - Phase A and Phase B

Who can take part?

Phase A Communities in this project are for those identified as Early Career Teachers – teachers in their first or second year of teaching. Phase B Communities are for those in the early part of their careers. They will have engaged with Phase A before engaging with this phase.

What is involved?

Two maths-specific subject knowledge projects are available to support primary Early Career Teachers (ECTs) – one is for ECTs who have not yet participated in this project and one is for those who participated in 2022/23. Both projects offer high-quality subject knowledge and pedagogy maths support for ECTs, recognising the requirements of the ECF.

This programme strikes a balance between developing teachers’ maths subject knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge, alongside classroom practice to support the learning of maths. Participants will attend the equivalent of up to four days of sessions, focusing between sessions on the use of tasks in the classroom.

For more information on available dates and to apply, please visit here.

Secondary Programmes

Secondary Subject Leadership Work Groups: Professional Development Designed Specifically for Secondary Heads of Maths

Local Work Groups will follow a cycle of workshops followed by school-based tasks. Participants will support each other through the sharing of leadership strategies and practices. A vibrant professional learning community will be created through peer-to-peer discussions and expert input. Participants will also create an action plan for their department.

Much of the work will involve each individual department working on elements of their action plan and developing collaborative ways of working which support their professional development. As well as exploring the needs of their own department, participants will benefit from the expertise and experiences of the group of departments represented.

What will you learn?

  • You will promote and develop a shared vision, culture and set of principles for teaching and learning in maths

  • You will ensure coherence in the curriculum and provide support for teaching for mastery across the department

  • You and your department will establish collaborative ways of working to support ongoing developments

  • You will develop in your ability to lead change



Cross Phase - Supporting Low Attainers to Achieve L2 Work Group

Who can take part?
This is for teachers of GCSE Maths, and for those teaching GCSE Maths resit and/or Functional Skills Maths. Participants may be based in secondary schools, UTCs, FE colleges, Sixth Form colleges, schools with post-16 provision, or other post-16 settings.

What is involved?
This is for teachers whose students will study Level 2 maths across secondary and post-16. Teachers of Years 10 and 11, and of post-16 GCSE Maths resit and/or Functional Skills Maths, will develop ways to support students who need to study maths beyond age 16 to achieve a L2 qualification.

Work Groups will focus on developing transferable teaching techniques aligned to teaching for mastery. Participants will attend three full-day workshops and complete practice-based tasks between sessions.

What will you learn?

  • Your students will demonstrate a positive attitude to maths

  • You will ensure that lesson design and pedagogy demonstrate a secure knowledge of curriculum continuity and sequencing

  • You will understand the importance of consistency of language and representations relating to specific curriculum areas

  • You and your colleagues will make collaboration a normal part of transition, supporting students continuing to work towards a L2 maths qualification

Please feel free to Apply Here

Post-16 Programmes

Develop A Level Pedagogy: Develop Improved Teaching Approaches for A Level Mathematics

What is involved?
In each session there will be a particular emphasis on trialling impactful resources to determine how they could work well with your classes and how they could be adapted to be even more impactful for your particular students. There will also be opportunities to consider different technologies that can be used in the classroom to increase impact and engagement. There will be lots of opportunity for discussion and collaboration with other teachers.

The ‘developing A level pedagogy work group’ project explores and deepens participants' pedagogic content knowledge, empowering teachers to enhance their classroom practice and to influence department-wide A level teaching. It is an engine for improving student understanding of A level Maths, and driving their subsequent success. Participants will design and trial classroom activities, sharing and reflecting on their experiences with others in the Work Group.

Who can take part?
Teachers of A level Maths who are looking to deepen their pedagogical understanding and currently teaching an A level Maths group.


  • Your students will have a deeper conceptual understanding of the A level Maths content.
  • You will understand the purpose of the Overarching Themes, including use of technology, and their impact on teaching and learning in A level Maths
  • You and your department will have a better understanding of how ideas behind teaching for mastery can be used in the classroom
  • You and your department will have a deeper understanding of content pedagogic knowledge for A level Maths

Full Information Here or
Please feel free to Apply Here for the in-person session