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Hub Vacancies

We have some exciting opportunities to share with you here at the Teaching School Hub


NPQ Facilitators are the individuals who will be delivering content for the NPQ Programmes, via online seminars and at face to face conferences. The role of the Facilitator is essential to delivering a consistent and high-quality leadership development experience for every participant.

As delivery partner to the programme Providers, the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Teaching School Hub is responsible for recruiting, managing and assuring the quality of all facilitators.

We thank you for offering your services as a facilitator and ask that you complete this application form to allow us to assess your knowledge and skill sets against those required to fulfil the facilitator roles. We will be in touch following this to arrange a short online meeting.



  • Knowledge of the Early Career Framework.
  • Knowledge of the NPQ Frameworks up to and including the level at which you are facilitating.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the current education sector and the challenges faced by school leaders at all levels.
  • An ability to employ a variety of facilitation techniques, adapting the approach in accordance with the needs of the group.
  • An excellent and successful leader, senior leader, headteacher, executive headteacher or CEO with a good understanding of the latest evidence-based research into one or more of the following: effective pedagogical practices, effective behaviour management and leadership, effective teacher development or effective school leadership.
  • Confident planning, sequencing, leading and delivering CPD across the school, including to experienced teachers and/or senior leaders and/or headteachers.
  • Ideally, specialist expertise in specific domains, such as pupil wellbeing, mental health, attendance, specific behavioural needs, mentoring and/or coaching, curriculum, behaviour, finance or governance.
  • A strong communicator capable of mediating between different stakeholders.
  • Organised and capable of effectively managing seminars, including competent use of Microsoft Teams / Zoom.


  • Experience of school leadership and/or sustainable school improvement.
  • Experience of school leadership training.
  • Experience working in or with highly successful leadership teams, demonstrating, for example, growth, stabilisation, turnaround, and/or improvement.
  • Ideally, at least 3 years doing the role(s) for which the qualification is designed - e.g. to facilitate on the NPQSL we would be looking for at least 3 years’ experience as a senior leader.
  • Ideally, at least 2 years’ experience of training school leaders at the relevant level for the NPQ qualification, e.g. to facilitate on the NPQH we would be looking for at least 2 years’ experience of training (and/or supporting) headteachers.
  • Ideally, experience of in-person, virtual and asynchronous facilitation.


  • Ability to work flexibly and to deadlines.
  • Warm and supportive relationship-building skills.
  • High quality, open and reflective communication skills, including explanations, listening, giving and receiving feedback, facilitating teams, facilitating discussions.
  • A commitment to continually extend and develop own facilitation skills.
  • A commitment to a leadership focus that is people-centred, trying to create the conditions in which all colleagues can give their best and continually grow.
  • Commitment to high standards of school leadership and educational excellence.
  • Commitment to equality of opportunity and inclusion.


Each programme varies in length from 12 months to 20 months (NPQEL), plus an additional 3 months for the assessment. The commitment level is therefore varied. There will be 2 facilitators per NPQ and you will deliver as a team.


Approx. 20 – 24 hours over the course of the NPQ, depending on the NPQ (time to attend training and prepare for seminars/conferences)


Approx. 21 – 50 hours, depending on the NPQ (delivering online seminars and in person conferences)


Hourly rate

Enquiries: Please email Louise Crookshank (

Application window: Ongoing

ECF Facilitator

Skills and Expertise Required for the role: 

  • Significant teaching experience (at least 5 years) 
  • Significant experience of supporting Early Career Teachers (or NQTs)
  • Knowledge of the areas of practice outlined in the Early Careers Professional Development Programme curriculum  
  • Strong up-to-date understanding of education research and evidence and how this relates to teaching practice  
  • Deep knowledge of the most effective pedagogical approaches and how children and young people develop and learn  
  • Understanding of best practice in terms of teaching and learning  
  • Experience of teacher training and development, specifically supporting Early Career Teachers to improve their teaching practice  
  • Experience of facilitating and of delivering a wide variety of training 
  • Experience of being a mentor or supporting a mentor 
  • Experience of delivering training remotely e.g. webinars/meetings  
  • Open to feedback and willing to continually learn and improve.

Enquiries: Please email Julia French (

To Apply: Please complete this application form

Application window: Ongoing

Early Career Framework (ECF) Lead - School secondment or Contract

Early Career Framework (ECF) Lead – School Secondment or Contract

Role responsibilities:

Marketing & Recruitment

· Run sufficient marketing and engagement events to ensure that local schools understand our Teaching School Hub (TSH) ECF offer

· Plan and conduct locally appropriate induction activities for schools

· Liaise with the TSH ECF administrator to understand recruitment rates and impact on delivery.

Programme design, content, and delivery preparation

· Contribute to the content-development process, according to capacity and preference, in user-testing & review.

· Contextualise and localise Programme content, in consultation with Lead Provider and local feedback. To specifically include SEND and EYFS colleagues.

· To ensure that appropriately qualified and experienced facilitators are selected to deliver the ECF’s training, following the agreed application processes and to ensure delivery of sufficient high-quality training to meet the ECF’s objectives and participant needs.

· To prepare and deliver a programme of facilitator training, including training to support facilitators in the contextualisation of prepared Lead Provider training session content.

· To lead facilitator network meetings to share best practice.

· Ensure that facilitators attend central induction and training provided by the Lead Provider and follow up with training session engagement concerns.

· Allocate sufficient facilitators to be deployed to training events and oversee the communications schedule with the facilitator team.

· Creating and monitoring adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with schools and/ or Trusts for the provision of ECF services (including pay and conditions for contract with facilitators).

· Provide, monitor, and update an ECF delivery plan, to an agreed deadline, to Lead Provider each half term, in line with milestones.

· Strategic planning and attend partnership meetings with Lead Provider in relation to ECF delivery.

Delivery, Assessment & Participant Management

· Ensure training takes place within the agreed training windows with group sizes appropriate to local need.

· Monitor participation and engagement of all participants using Lead Provider online learning platform in conjunction with the TSH administrator.

· Provide general and targeted support to participants through group and individual communications.

Quality Assurance

· Observe ECF training sessions to an agreed schedule, against the Lead Provider central quality Assurance Framework and using agreed QA proformas, to provide assurance that face-to-face and online training is of the highest quality.

· Ensure that all facilitators are provided with developmental feedback, at least once per cohort and use feedback to inform future facilitator training programme planning.

· To create ECF participant feedback surveys and analyse responses to these to identify areas of strengths to build upon and areas for continued development.

Plus, any other duties as required by the Teaching School Hub Lead.

Contract: up to 30 days, based on a day rate. Term time only. September 22 to July 23.

Enquiries: Please contact the Teaching School Hub Lead, Lynne Birch ( or Teaching Hub School Strategic Director, Lesley Birch (

To Apply: please complete this form

Closing date Friday, June 17th 2022.

Engagement Lead - School/Trust Secondment or Contract Opportunity

Engagement Lead – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Teaching School Hub - School/Trust Secondment or Contract Opportunity

Job Brief:

We are looking for an Engagement Manager to build positive relationships with schools and Trusts in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough hub to widen participation within our ‘golden thread’ programmes. You will become the Teaching School Hub first point of contact, ensuring that our customers remain satisfied with our services. To succeed in this role, you will need to be an excellent communicator who can multitask and work to deadlines. Successful school improvement experience and professional development promotion would be an asset for this position as well as being a team player and a problem-solver. Your goal will be to grow the reach of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Teaching School Hub, ensuring that our relationships with schools and Trusts are strong and enduring.


• Foster positive relationships with schools, organisations, settings and Trusts that have yet to engage

• Help school leaders to implement our offers

• Identify cross participation opportunities (to Curriculum Hubs for example)

• Address customer issues with speed and efficiency

• Prepare reports on progress towards targets, for example meetings and outcomes of meetings booked and completed within each month. Requirements and skills

• Proven experience as a senior school leader

• Team player • A good sense of humour

• Project management experience

• Proficient in MS Office and online meeting platforms (such as Teams and Zoom)

• Experience using customer relationship management software (desirable)

• Good local knowledge of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough education system (desirable

• Strong organisational and multitasking skills

• Customer-oriented approach • Excellent verbal and written communication abilities

• Problem-solving aptitude

• Flexible approach to working hours and ability to travel within the hub area and East region

 • Driving licence and willing to travel

Working Hours:

Up to 30 days per year, term time. Day rate to include travel.

Enquiries: Please contact the Teaching School Hub Lead, Lynne Birch ( or Teaching Hub School Strategic Director, Lesley Birch (

To Apply: Please complete this form.

Closing date Friday, June 17th 2022.