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Lyons Hall Behaviour Hub

Behaviour HubsThe Behaviour Hubs' programme supports school leaders and MAT executives by helping them to create calm, safe and supportive environments for pupils in schools. Fully funded by the DfE, it is a flexible programme tailored to the requirements of schools and trusts, to create an effective behaviour culture and generate lasting change.


Depending on the level of support your school or trust requires, the Behaviour Hubs' programme offers three streams: a one-year core support stream for schools further along their behaviour journey that wish to work more independently, a one-year extended stream for schools that require more frequent one-to-one support and a two-year programme for MATs wanting to enact change across multiple schools in their trust.

The Behaviour Hubs' support offer includes:

  • Tailored one-to-one support from an exemplary Lead school or MAT that you will be matched with;
  • Networking events to share experiences and exchange good practice;
  • Training modules developed and delivered by expert behaviour advisers from all provisions;
  • School open days to experience outstanding behaviour culture in practice;
  • Funding of up to £9,000 for your school or trust upon completion of the programme.

The Programme Journey

The training and support package supports schools to develop and launch new behaviour approaches that are tailored to their individual school. Schools go through an audit phase where they diagnose what is working well and not so well with their current behaviour culture, before working to develop new approaches and launch them, normally at the start of their second term on the programme.

Schools are also supported to monitor the impact of their new behaviour approaches and update their action plan throughout their time on the programme. Throughout their time on the programme schools receive access to resources designed by the behaviour advisers, high-quality training, open days, networking events and one-to-one support from a Lead School.


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