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Laura Hooper, NPQSL: From NPQLBC to NPQSL

Head shot of a womanLaura Hooper, Raising Standards Leader Year 7 and Teacher of PE at Thomas Clarkson Academy, recently completed the NPQ in Leading Behaviour and Culture (NPQLBC) and has now enrolled on the NPQ in Senior Leadership (NPQSL). We caught up with Laura to hear about her experiences and the difference these NPQs are making to her personal and career development.

Why did you sign up for the NPQLBC initially?

“To develop as a middle leader, specifically with a focus on behaviour and culture. My original learning objectives/motivations were to ensure that, as a middle leader, I could gain expertise and drive meaningful change in behaviour and culture while supporting staff to create positive learning environments where all students can thrive. I was confident the NPQLBC encapsulated the areas of expertise that are fundamental to creating a school culture in which students can thrive and I wanted to develop my current knowledge and skills to support this.”

How were your learning objectives met, and what do you consider to be your most valuable experiences throughout the programme?

“Each module contributed to my objectives and surpassed the knowledge/learning outcomes I originally anticipated to gain. The most valuable experience for me was the opportunity to discuss and analyse each module in-depth with other professionals and have meaningful conversations about behaviour and culture, alongside the impact we have as middle/senior leaders. We were able to reflect on our own practice and evaluate ways in which we could further develop as leaders to have a greater positive impact.”

How have you applied the learning from the NPQLBC in your day-to-day job, and why did this inspire you to now take on the NPQSL?

“I continuously apply the learning from my NPQLBC and continue to be reflective in my day-to-day role to ensure that the decisions I am making have a positive impact on pupils and staff. For example, using feedback and a wider range of data to continuously refine and improve an approach. The NPQLBC inspired me to take on the NPQSL because of the developments I have made personally since completing the NPQLBC and I am confident that the NPQSL will allow me to continue developing as a leader.”

What have been the key benefits/impacts (or what do you expect these to be in the longer term) of completing both these NPQs?

“The NPQs have allowed me to be a positive impact-focused leader and make mindful considerations in all areas of my leadership. The programmes have ensured I can effectively evaluate current approaches to behaviour and culture and make informed decisions about changes that will support the wider areas of school.”

Would you recommend these NPQs to others?

“I would recommend the NPQLBC if you want to develop as a middle leader, with a focus on behaviour and culture. The NPQLBC supported my career aspirations and has supported my recent progression from a Head of House to a Raising Standards Leader. I have recently started my NPQSL, and the successful completion of my NPQLBC gave me the confidence to start my NPQSL. The NPQs have not only supported my personal career aspirations, but more importantly ensured that as a middle/senior leader I have the knowledge and expertise in my area to have a positive impact on schools, supporting all students to thrive and succeed.”

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