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Structure Meets Adaptability: Key to ECT Induction at OWN Trust

“The structure and support provided by the Hub, married with the ability to adapt to our schools’ needs is key to the success of supporting Early Career Teachers and Appropriate Body programme”, says Nick File, Induction Tutor at OWN Trust. 

Since September 2023, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Teaching School Hub became the main provider of Appropriate Body (AB) services for schools across the region after the responsibility was transferred from the local authorities. 

Appropriate Bodies play a key part in the Early Career Framework (ECF), ensuring that Early Career Teachers (ECTs) receive their statutory entitlements, are receiving a programme of support and training, and that they are fairly and consistently assessed. 

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Teaching School Hub’s AB service supports more than 600 ECTs and aims to make sure that 100% of its ECTs are able to successfully complete their induction. The induction process is designed to support ECTs so that they have time to grow and develop their skills and help them to become excellent teachers. 

Nick File, Executive Headteacher and ECT Induction Tutor at OWN Trust, recently shared his insights with us into how the AB service helps them deliver a structured yet flexible induction programme to support their ECTs.  

Seamless Transition and Centralised Approach 

“With any change, there is always a slight worry of the unknown. However, there was a seamless transition between the move away from the service being managed by the local authority to CPTSH.  

“The similarity and familiarity of the service was reassuring for me as an Induction Tutor and for our schools. 

“Our schools are all based within Peterborough, but we collaborate with Trusts, schools, and leaders across our region. By centralising the service, it provides me, our schools and ECTs with one point of contact and place to go for support, guidance, and resources. “ 

“This streamlined approach helps us to deliver a consistent and effective induction programme for all schools in our Trust.” 

Flexibility Within the Framework 

“While the AB service provides a strong structural foundation, and single source of guidance and expertise, it isn’t prescriptive. It gives us confidence knowing that we have one body to talk to and liaise with to make sure we are doing the right thing, while adapting and implementing the delivery in our own context. 

“This flexibility is key. 

“This adaptability lets us guide mentors and ECTs to focus on areas most relevant to their development, maximising the impact of the induction process within the context of OWN Trust's priorities.” 

Tailoring Development 

“With any training course or programme, such as the Early Career Framework, there will inevitably be areas of common ground where content overlaps.  

“As their Induction Tutor, I see my role as being there to support, challenge and motivate our ECTs. This means helping them to identify areas where they need to focus on, strengthen or develop further. Meeting the required standards and passing their induction is the end goal.  

“But, this is about much more. It’s about helping them develop a love and passion for teaching, not just ticking a box.” 

Focus on Continued Professional Development for Leaders 

“The induction programme doesn't just support ECTs – it also helps me and the Trust.  

“As an Executive Leader across our Trust, the role and link to the AB service means I have a keen eye on standards, practice, challenges and opportunities across our schools and the wider region.  

“It means we can consider how we can learn or share best practice with others, and the importance of continuing to develop our teachers and after the ECT years.” 

Looking Ahead 

With the transition to AB services being managed by Teaching School Hubs, I can see how they will be able to bring together, connect and shine a light on the great work being done by more Induction Tutors from other Trusts in the future. 

“This type of collaboration, facilitated by the Teaching School Hub, could lead to sharing best practices and strengthening regional ECT support. 

“Ultimately, we are all working to create, engage and retain the best teachers for our future generations.” 


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