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Registration for Schools and ECTs

Registration Process for Schools New to Early Career Framework (ECF):

As a new school you will be asked to register your ECT with 3 organisations:

  1. Sign-up with the Appropriate Body (AB)– Check that the post is suitable for an ECT by registering with the AB Service. This service moves to ourselves with effect from September 2023 - please look out for further information on our website
  2. The Department of Education (DfE) portal called ‘Manage training for early career teachers ('.Registering with the DfE enables your ECTs /Mentor to be verified as eligible for funding. You will need to specify Education Development Trust (EDT) as your Training Provider and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Teaching School Hub as Delivery Partner. Once verified by the DfE, details of your ECTs and Mentors will pass to EDT who will provide access to the training materials.
  3. Complete an expression of interest form with EDT as lead provider for the ‘DfE funded provider route’. CPTSH are the local delivery partner.  Please note: This step is not required if you already have ECTs in the September 2022 cohort who will move to Year 2 in 2023/24


ECF transfers/changing details 

It is the Induction Tutor at a transferring participant's new school who is required to reflect the transfer in full. The induction Tutor at the old school can reflect that a participant is leaving, but not where they are moving to. 

Please NOTE** If you don't already have an ECT in your school follow steps 1-3 above for schools new to the ECF

  1. Transferring an ECT from your school who is already partway through the EDT programme.  If an ECT is currently being trained in the 2022 cohort and will be leaving the school at the end of the term, the OLD school's Induction Tutor must reflect this in the DfEs 'Manage training for early career teachers (' service. Schools should use this functionality even if the ECT is not continuing their training at another school. They must provide the ECTs name and date of leaving.
  2. Transferring an ECT to your school who is already partway through the EDT programme. If an ECT is currently being trained in the 2022 cohort and will be joining your school at the start of next term, the new school's Induction Tutor can reflect this in the 'Manage training for early career teachers (' service by clicking 'add a new ECT or Mentor' and under 'transferring ECT' providing the required details (Name, email address, Teacher Reference Number and date of birth). The service will ask the Induction Tutor to confirm when the ECT is due to start at the School.
  3. Transferring an ECT into your school who started the ECF with another provider - If the new School uses a different delivery programme or training provider than the previous school (for example Teach First, Ambition, UCL or Best Practice Network), the Induction tutor must indicate whether the ECT will: 
  • continue being supported under their previous arrangements, or
  • follow the new school's programme for the remainder of their training.

Please ensure that all Induction Tutor information held on the DfE digital service is correct. When entering new participants (ECTs and Mentors) please pay particular attention to email addresses as these will pass to EDT and will be used to create logins for access to their online learning platform.