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Q&A - Early Career Framework

Q: How do I register my ECTs and Mentors for the CPTSHN Early Career Training Programme (ECF) and induction?

A: Follow the 3 steps needed to complete registration;

  1. For Induction - Sign- up with the Appropriate Body (AB)– Check that the post is suitable for an ECT by registering with the AB Service. This service moves to ourselves with effect from September 2023 - please see below for further information on our website
  2. For ECF and Induction - The Department of Education (DfE) digital Service called ‘Manage training for early career teachers ('. Registering with the DfE enables your ECTs /Mentor to be verified as eligible for funding. You will need to specify Education Development Trust (EDT) as your Training Provider and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Teaching School Hub as Delivery Partner. Once verified by the DfE, details of your ECTs and Mentors will pass to EDT who will provide access to the training materials.
  3. For ECF - Complete an expression of interest form with EDT as lead provider for the ‘DfE funded provider route’. CPTSH are the local delivery partner.  Please note: This step is not required if you already have ECTs in the September 2022 cohort who will move to Year 2 in 2023/24

Q: When can I start to register my ECTs and Mentors?

A: Schools will be contacted by the DfE, via email, after 3rd July. Induction Tutors will be invited to register participants on their Digital Service. Instructions will be given to support this process once you click on the ‘magic link’.

Q: Do I need to register separately with an Appropriate Body Service.

A: Yes, all 3 steps above must be in place. As part of the DfE registration process you will be asked to specify which appropriate Body you are using for statutory induction, selecting C&P TS Hub from the drop-down menu. PLEASE NOTE: this does NOT constitute registration with an AB Service. You will need to register with an AB Separately. To register with C&P TS Hub AB Service please click HERE!

Q: How do I choose my Lead Provider and Delivery Partner

A: As part of the DfE registration process you will be invited to choose your Lead Provider and Delivery Partner within their digital service. To ensure we are able to support you with your ECF programme please select ‘Education Development Trust’ as Lead Provider and ‘C&P Teaching School Hub’ as Delivery Partner, using the drop-down menus.

Q: Do I need to register directly with the Lead Provider?

A: If you are not currently using Education Development Trust (EDT) as your Lead provider you can register your interest with EDT on their website. Please ensure that you include accurate contact details for your Induction Tutor. Register your interest with EDT here.

If you have previously used EDT as your Lead Provider, you can skip this step.

Q: Once I have added my ECTs and Mentors to the DfE digital Service, what else do I need to do?

A: It is vital that you link your ECTs to their Mentors when registering them on the DfE digital platform. Mentors who are not linked to an ECT will not be given access to the training materials  when their details are passed through to EDT. Please ensure that links are amended if there are any changes to mentors as we pass through the 2 year programme.

Keep the DfE digital service updated with any amendments to contact details paying particular attention to spellings within email addresses to ensure we are able to maintain contact with all participants.

Q: How can I keep up to date with developments and changes in the ECF?

A: Use the following link to sign up for our monthly newsletter – Sign up Here